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Ink Etcetera is proud to offer a variety of rich media through our "See It Now" collaboration. With the ability to shoot on location and/or a controlled studio set the right choice is never compromised. Your company can be assured your project will be produced in the most effective environment. Whether you require a corporate training video, digital display messaging, video seminars and a host of other media we can handle your project within a professional studio setting.
Other upcoming areas of video application is in the area of web and web videos. With the advent of high speed internet access and the number of subscribers online it is now feasible to add compelling video to your web site. Call us today for more information.

New Bedford, Massachusetts based See It Now is a subsidiary of Clicknet Television Production, an eight-time Emmy Award winning television company.
John Methia, the company’s founder is known in the business by his solid reputation and excellent production reel spanning over twenty years.
The subsidiary company was created to expand on what Methia saw as an up swell in emerging digital technology, most of which would impact the television production business.
See It Now’s mission was to merge the success of a Home Shopping Network concept with eBay and produce product demonstration video.
While developing the See It Now production formula, it was soon discovered that the marketplace needed well-produced, quick turn-around, value priced HD video products.
Business Situation
See It Now immediately set out to determine and define what television and/or video production was; how producers saw themselves and what kinds of video production consumers existed and how they viewed the product and the production sources.
Research supported the position that any conventional or traditional views, whether from the production or consumption side, had to be revised. Video production, or at least the perception of it due in part to the availability of affordable and easy to use technology for non-professionals, turned what was once perceived as an art, into a commodity. Developing a niche production formula based on speed of delivery reinforced the perception. Protecting the formula from the ravages of “first to market” issues was the next step. The scheme to move forward with the new-found knowledge incorporated the following:
The demand for video products was and would continue to increase
Speed of delivery, cost and professional quality was expected
The service area was anywhere connected to the internet
The best way to protect the formula was to:
Invite what were once considered competitors to use the formula
Share the best of the best among those “subscribing” to the formula
Develop other video products that could be created within the formula
Expand the formula to include “location” products that were just as effective as the studio formula
Create a consumer based website (not part of the original vision) to showcase the product line and offer another support outlet for clients; the offshoot, which was:
A Regional Web Television Network featuring geographically specific business, education, general information and entertainment content.
The exercise soon revealed that the business plan could not be a monolithic device but an organic one that was never completer. In a sense, it was similar to the concept of the Groundhog Day movie where the company starts from scratch every morning. The plan would be made fresh daily to stay in-step with and ahead of the emerging market changes and technologies.
Methia had already been ahead of the curve on several locations but beyond the market’s perceived needs. The trick was now to mesh foresight with demand!
Technical Situation
The technology isn’t evolving as fast as the application of it. The changes are about consumer habits. The line between TV and the PC are fast blurring but the access to the content is changing faster. Content is available everywhere and anywhere and at anytime.
Uniformity of message, branding and image has always been the first rule of order. Image is message. Message drives image. However, the media and the message are becoming one and the same. Therefore, See It Now is poised to define and distribute the message.
See It Now produces content quickly, affordably, repeatedly at the highest levels of quality and serves businesses who need to communicate in a timely, affordable, professional manner on an as needed and when needed basis.
The benefits of redefining what John Methia and Clicknet do and have done and applying it to the See It Now subsidiary also included a new definition of the marketplace.
The image campaign, at this writing, is still under development but will include a non-traditional strategy. Rather than “buy” media, See It Now will partner with media as an extension of their operations.
Back stories, page two features and much more is available to publishers
Up-to-the-minute reporting, in-depth coverage, as well as, back stories, page two features and much more is available to publishers
Stations can now step-it-up for advertisers and listeners as the outlet to turn to for entertainment and much more
Even this media needs another dimension, especially during the transition from traditional appointment based viewership to a whenever basis
Words & Pictures Development
The language under development will be used in promoting See It Now and implemented to “speak to” businesses, media and their consumers and clients.