"Print, a traditional yet
effective marketing tool"

At Ink Etc. we offer a wide range of printing choices to ensure you have the advantage of the right process and the right price. Whether you require a small quantity of fast run digital printing or the large run of offset print we can handle your requirements. Additionally, we offer VDP (variable data printing) capabilities that enable our clients to avail their marketing campaigns to the higher response rates ... that are typical with this type of design. In today's challenging economic landscape companies are looking for results with a good ROI. We can develop a campaign that will allow you leverage current technology in today's print industry.
Green evironment

Do you know how your offset printer disposes of unused ink? If you’re unsure, ask. Petroleum-based inks leach VOCs which cause cancer and birth defects into the soil when printed papers end up in landfills. These toxins can also be released into the air as fresh inks dry.

Digital is an ideal alternative to offset for color work! This printing method even has advantages over soy inks. While soy is comprised of 86% oil which isn’t biodegradable digital printing uses 100% nontoxic toner. Toner-based inks also produce less chemical waste.

We employ a number of environmentally friendly paper substrates. Our selection meets the standards and requirements and certification of the leading environmental organizations.

FSC Certification
Green-e Certification
Green Seal Certification

Please see links for some of our available paper selections: