"Marketing, an ongoing process comprised of multiple elements"
Applications / Consultation

For the company that requires a fresh look at key organizational, management, marketing, products and/or services Ink Etcetera / Fusion Media Marketing will provide an in-depth analysis and recommended areas for improvement.. Our focus is on the marketing and sales side of business. In addition to a thorough analysis we have in-house capability and assests to act on key sales and marketing strategies through our integrated products, cross media technolgies and solutions oriented approach. Call for more details.
  • Consultative Services: Marketing Engineering
  • Sales Management – Have you created a sales force whose primary function is to increase your sales numbers, or solve your customer’s problems? Solving problems is servicing customer needs. When you service customer needs; you sell!
  • Retail Management – From the front of the store to the back of the store and everything in between and including housekeeping, personnel, inventory and so much more has to be considered to be profitable in retail.
  • Green Marketing – It’s more then a cute buzzword! It’s now an integral of life, living and operating a business. Going green can keep you out of the red!
  • People Management – Somehow marketing’s classic four P’s doesn't include the one “P” that affects all of the others. Product, Place, Price and Promotion are just concepts without good People.
  • B2B Marketing – Although business to business marketing seems to infer it, people who own or work for businesses are customers too. Why shouldn’t you treat business customers as if they were end users?
  • Product & Services Strategy – Sometimes a product is not what it appears; it’s much more. Products are solutions to somebody’s problems. And, if solving problems means your servicing customer needs, why should your product and services strategies be treated like socks and gloves?
  • Branding – A rose by any other name may smell as sweet but a name can make or break an impression, and expectation and an image. Your brand is your name and your name is your word!