"Email Marketing: The right tool for customer retention"

Ink Etcetera's marketing division, Fusion Media Marketing is providing email campaigns to assist the small and medium size business in customer/client retention. We have packages to fit all budgets and to meet the marketing requirements of our customers. Whether you require just one email blast or want the advantages of a continuous plan our Lite and Pro plans will meet your needs. Please see our features comparison page for plan details.






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Benefits of Email Marketing with Click Thru MAIL:

  • Customer Retention - It costs 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer.
    Staying in front of your current customer base is an investment in dollars well spent. Without question it is much easier and significantly less costly in all resources to sell to an existing customer base as opposed to prospecting for new customers. That is not to say prospecting is any less important but no business wants to continually find 'replacement' business. Email is an effective way and economical way to remind your customers that you are still there for them, have new products and/or services available, are offering a limited time discount and to strengthen the business relationship


  • Customer Loyalty Fact - Repeat customers spend 67% more.
    One of more prominent reasons that account for this is the ability to constantly communicate with current customers. Keeping them informed of what is going on with your business opens up more business possibilities. It is far easier to cross sell a current customer than to find a new one, not to mention the cost of prospecting. Whatever marketing channel(s) your business uses to stay in touch with customers email marketing is one you should not neglect. According to a DMA study in 2007 for every dollar spent on email marketing, marketers can expect an estimated $48.29 ROI. (DMA)

  • SEO tool for establishing keyword effectiveness - Discover what their interest are.
    This is a feature that is unique to Click Thru MAIL PRO. Other email marketing providers generally provide data in terms of how many opens and opt-ins, opt-outs, etc. WIth Click Thru Mail PRO we provide our clients with the ability to set key word marketing (KWM) attributes in emails so that you know not only who opened your email but also what they were interested in - very powerful data! Additionally, we are able to report not only by monthly activity but also by date range so you can query the system in terms of 'who was interested in product or service "X" during the period of August thru November." This data enables your marketing department to truly "target market!"

  • The who and what of marketing - Target marketing as opposed to blanket marketing.
    One of the pain points of any marketer is knowing who is interested in a given product or service at any particular time. This area of 'knowing' is one of the top frustrations of the marketing professional which accounts for dollars being spent on 'prospects' that have little or no interest in what is being proposed. Although, this is changing with measurable tools such as pURLS, online surveys, etc. it still is considered a major pain point in the profession. Utilizing, email campaigns with strategically inserted 'key word marketing' will enable you to significantly narrow down those actual 'prospects' so dollars can be more accurately allocated with higher ROI and improved bottom line performance.

  • Finding your business on the web - Higher page ranking results in more visibility.
    Although SEO is a complex, algorithmic process the proper key word selections will enhance your web sites performance in terms of page placement. This is an almost known universal regarding SEO but it is in the selection of those relevant key words that frustrates many marketers and SEO specialists. With our PRO product you can experiment with various marketing keywords to assist in determining better keywords for SEO. A good example might be a new product your company is introducing and you are trying to assess the best word for web searching. Our ability to assist you in this area will save you time and dollars!

  • Green - Environmental responsibility is a goal of many businesses.
    Although we recognize that effective marketing is a challenging process with many demographic attritubtes and marketing channels e.g.; direct mail, radio, tv, magazine ads- email is without question a GREEN alternative to many.

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